“ I ran all over the place looking for love and happiness. But it wasn’t until I stopped running, sat down and got still that all of the love, happiness and answers came.”

When I was 25 years old my life broke open. Everything I thought I was and how I identified myself were no longer. I had the perfect life from the outside. I opened my first business at 20, my business was expanding I bought a home, found a nice guy, got married. But, on the inside everything was a mess. I was on a hamster wheel chasing the life I thought i should have.The harder I tried to fix, control and keep my shallow rooted life together, the faster things fall apart.

Everything in my life was uprooted within 6 months. I had a pile of debt, my marriage ended, everything was in shambles. But, while this was happening I somehow knew deep down that this was a divine storm, that not all of these things could be coincidence. There was a voice inside me that said, “You’re awake now, don’t go back to sleep”. I knew this was happening for a higher purpose.

So I chose to stay awake. I didn’t just step foot on the spiritual path_ I tried to run it like a race. I couldn’t get enough: I read every self help book I could get my hands on; went to countless seminars, healers and therapy sessions. I learned a lot! I felt alive again, But, little did I know what blessings, true healing and transformation that was awaiting me.

A dear friend asked if I wanted to try Kundalini Yoga, I said sure. There was no classes near us; all we had was a book. So we would get together and read from the book and do the exercises ourselves. From that moment on I knew I was home. I could feel things that I struggled with began to fall away. I didn’t have to run around trying to heal myself anymore. I had everything I needed. I signed up for teacher training right away and the rest is history.

Since then I continue to dive deep into my Kundalini practice and the yogic lifestyle. I have taken many more Kundalini trainings. I got married to an amazing man that is also a kundalini yoga instructor and we have a beautiful baby boy. I love, love, love being a mom. I am living my dream and the desire of my heart to share these teachings so you too can unlock your soul to all of the love, happiness and abundance that awaits you.

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