Kundalini Yoga/Meditation is different that any other forms of yoga you might have tried. Kundalini is called the Yoga of Awareness, because of the heightened awareness one experiences while practicing kundalini. It uses sound/mantras, postures and breath work to create spiritual experience. Kundalini Yoga/Meditation connects you to your inner self so you can unlock your soul to all of the beauty that awaits you.

Little Bit Of History:

Kundalini Yoga/Meditation is an ancient practice that developed in India thousands of years ago. It a Raj yoga which means it is a royal yoga. It used to be to practice kundalini you would have to be from royal lineage because this type of yoga is so powerful the powers at be wanted to keep this  technology private. Kundalini was kept private until a Master by the name of Yogi Bhajan who was royalty believed that everyone should the opportunity to practice this technology. Even though there way threats on his life Yogi Bhajan still traveled to the West in late 1960’s to spread teachings. Now we get the privilege of this life changing, ancient practice.  

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