I truly believe that happiness is our birth right. My intention with this membership site is to help you unlock what is already inside of you, waiting to come out. We do this by using kundalini yoga/meditation and yogic lifestyle techniques. Kundalini yoga is unlike anything you may have experienced. I will bring you these ancient teachings in an accessible way, so you can take them into your life and really tap into your own energy and strength. 

I am passionate about Kundalini Yoga/Meditation because it changed my life. My life was a mess. On the outside it looked like I had it together, but on the inside I was a total disaster. I had been running around everywhere, trying everything I could think of to try to fix my self, including therapy, healers and reading every self help book I could get my hands on - which were all great. However, it wasn't until I found Kundalini that I knew I had found what I had been looking for. My entire life transformed; things that were major sources of pain and discomfort began to fall away. I didn't have to run around controlling my world in order for me to feel okay. I began to see the world in a whole new way. My body healed, along with my mind. 

So now it is my honor and greatest gift to be able to share these teachings with you. Kundalini yoga/meditation and yogic lifestyle techniques are perfect if you are looking to:
-deepen your connection with yourself, others and the divine 
-calm your busy mind 
-let go of your fears 
-live in the healthiest body possible

Each of these can be achieved through my Kundalini yoga teachings.

You will have access to a vast library of meditations and yoga sets, including those that aid in physical healing in the body by targeting the adrenal glands and kidneys, and healing the mind to let go of anger and strengthen your intuition. 

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